Daniel Wellington

How this broke student is making now 180 million dollars annually thanks to story-telling ?

Just after graduation, Filip Tysander went to Australia like many millennials craving to travel at the time.
During his trip, Filip, who was a broke student at the time, was nevertheless a fan of beautiful watches and dreamed of one day being able to afford a Rolex.

One day, when he had just settled in a backpacker (hostel in Australia) in Sydney, he met a mysterious British gentleman, whose style was distinguished, but without pretension. This man particularly liked to wear his antique watches on old, well-worn NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington.

From there Filip had the idea to create a watch brand with the same name as this mysterious gentleman, which would give the opportunity to people who could not afford a Rolex, to have an alternative.

Today Daniel Wellington has an estimated turnover of 180 million dollars annually, using a social media advertising strategy.

Nobody knows if this story is true or not, however, people love it and Filip Tysander can now afford a new Rolex every day.

This is the power of story-telling…

Why is story-telling so effective in advertisement ?

We’re all born with an inherent love for storytelling, it makes us connect emotionally because of the emotional appeal that stories bring. They make us laugh and cry and feel all kinds of things, it has always been the ultimate emotional connection for human beings!

A story is 22 times more memorable than facts…

For a brand it’s extremely powerful, because you’re building trust with consumers when delivering information that are relatable and entertaining. It also makes people to take a decision, if you tell enough interesting stories about your product, a time will come when they will want a piece of it!