Why Ocean Views...

You dream of an automated and scalable business; you know that thanks to the power of the internet, you can reach the entire world.

You are convinced that it is achievable, but all of this seems confusing and complex, so you’re not exactly sure how to proceed.

Let us demonstrate you a clear and efficient structure to achieve your ambitions.

Started in 2017 with humble beginnings...

After a background in the e-commerce industry for several years and worked with only pure players, Bob Pressoir founded ocean views in 2017, a company specialized in digital marketing for small & medium businesses, benefiting from his experience in online sales, with his team he helps companies to increase their number of online customers online and reach new revenues.

Ocean Views has grown several Europeans businesses using SEO, Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing strategies

Bob Pressoir, founder


Helping brands to better understand and succeed in the marketing of influence


Helping our clients and partners to reach a worldwide success