From 0 to +100 000€ with a shopify store

The beginnings of the startup

The project started in 2017.

Young independent startup, at the time the funds were very limited, so the finances came from a personal investment, so this project started with less than 1000€.

Before starting this project, we had developed skills in SEO and were therefore able to analyze demand trends via google trend.

After a study and analysis done on popular products on amazon, we decided to launch several sites in order to test the market, the objective was to create sites capable of being profitable thanks to the affiliation with amazon.

We launched 5 sites, and started to realize the natural referencing of these sites. We created several backlinks for each of them and shared the sites on popular forums.

After several months, 3 of these sites never took off while two of the 5 sites saw their traffic increase.

By the 9th month the 2 sites combined were bringing in $40 each month from their affiliate links,

While this was not a substantial gain, the significant traffic on each of the sites represented hope.

At the same time we were developing a new skill set which was online business, especially with the influencer marketing project we had started and were making money from, which you can find here >> influencer marketing case study: $0 to $500 a day”

As influencer marketing started to run out of steam and influencers were no longer profitable.

As we ran out of money and were no longer sure of our project’s return on investment.

From bankruptcy to resurrection

The host was about to close our domains and because of a late payment was asking us for $200 per domain, which was a big investment considering the little finances we had.

So we decided to take a chance without knowing if it would really work by adapting this new skill to each of the SEO sites that had traffic and changed the amazon links to our shopify store.

And what a surprise it was when the same day we made our first sales, in less than three days we had paid back the amount spent to keep the sites.

The growth phase

While the idea was working, during the following months we added new products, created upsells, had products shipped from amazon fba.

We also improved our products, and had them packaged accordingly.

We quickly reached a cruising speed of 5000€ per month.

The arrival of the coronavirus

While everything was going well, the arrival of the coronavirus slowed down our shipments which were carried out by our partner in China, the deadlines were lengthened and our customers were dissatisfied, we thus proposed reductions and possibilities of refunding for the people who wished it.

Today, the activity has resumed but due to the virus having had a direct impact on the marketing of our flagship product (product related to travel), the activity has greatly decreased and only some of our other products continue to sell.

Although we are constantly testing and bringing new products to the market,

Today we are helping companies that have products to sell online through our communications and influencer marketing strategies.