2 millions in 2 months only!

Jem, German 24 years old selling online leggings.

In just a few days, went from 0 to 100K,

How did it happen?

  • virality
  • trends
  • Logistics
  • Media buying
  • Diversification of the
  • communication chain
  • Product awareness
  • Creative framework
  • Agility
  • Offer
  • Scalling

The tiktok leggings were an extremely visual product,

after checking google trend and found out there was an opportunity by looking at the curve. It was the validation needed.

 Then simply use the AAALO framework:

  • Avatar
  • Angle
  • Ads
  • Landering
  • Environment
  • Offer

Avatar, questions to ask:

What are the pain points?

Does the landing page match this message?

Is the consumer informed enough?

What platform does your ideal customer go to?

What investments does your ideal customer view?

After collecting all this information, you must have a file on which indicates different marketing angles

The landing page:

  • The value proposition and benefits
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • A clear call to action.
  • The landing page must be easy to understand
  • An easy to understand title

3 key points

  • A wow factor, to
  • trigger action
  • An offer

He uses a quote from Alex Hormozi, “Make an offer so good that a person would feel stupid for turning it down.”

The offer:

Identify the outcome his typical client would dream of achieving

List the problems

A simple Offer is different from an irresistible offer

Here are the 4 factors that make an offer irresistible:

  • Rarity
  • Urgency
  • A bonus
  • A guarantee

While all the competitors were selling leggings at 29.99, make an offer for 34.90 to have 2 leggings

By combining these 3 points, we get a cashflow machine that allowed to unlock 2 million € in no time

Use facebook and especially google as the main communication channel and did retargetting on pinterest and snapchats ads

You have to validate the different angles and creatives.

There are 2 frameworks:

The testing framework:

First it launches a 200€ subscription (automatic budget automation) at the lowest cost

1 adset and 3 to 5 creatives

After testing different angles, and identifying a winning angle, you will switch to a manual budget to go from 5000€ to 100000€ of daily expenses

Manual budget:

CBO at 500€.

3 adverts, 1 general, 1 lookalike, 1 with the compilation of several interests that work

For google, make a brand search campaign

then a keyword campaign and competition “example how to make your buttocks bigger”.

Manual shopping campaign, retargetting display, youtube retargetting, display and discovery.

And this how you get this fancy ROI.

Hope this information was useful,

Ocean Views Team